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Salon & Barber Insurance Massachusetts


What is Salon & Barber Insurance?

Working as a hairstylist can be a profitable and rewarding career path, but there are some inherent risks that come with cutting people’s hair. Salon & barber insurance policies help hair stylists in Massachusetts shield themselves from a range of risks that they face.

Salon & barber insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been developed specifically for hairstylists, hairdressers and barbers. Most of these policies come with multiple coverages in them, which allows the policies to provide robust protection against multiple risks.

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Who in Massachusetts Needs Hair Salon Insurance?

The vast majority of hairstylists and hair salons in Massachusetts should have hair salon insurance. Few people and businesses in this industry are completely free of risk, and this is generally the most appropriate type of insurance for this line of work.

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Salon & Barber Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Available Through Salon & Barber Policies?

Many of the coverages in salon & barber policies can be separated into liability-related and property-related protections. While stylists who don’t own a salon building usually have minimal need for property protections, both categories are important to consider.

Some of the liability-related coverages that salon & barber policies might offer include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might insure against some common accidents and liability claims
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which might insure against liability claims related to mistakes made in work
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might insure against liability claims related to products used or sold by stylists
  • Renters Liability Coverage, which might insure against damage caused to a rented or leased space
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage, which might insure against liability claims that employees file

A couple of the property coverages that hairstylists might need are:

  • Building Coverage, which might cover a salon-owned building
  • Contents Coverage, which might cover a hairstylist’s owned equipment and supplies

In addition to these, hair stylists and salons might also need workers compensation. Workers compensation coverage generally protects against job-related injuries and illnesses.

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Do Hairstylists Who Work as Independent Contractors Need Hair Salon Insurance?

Hair Stylists who work as independent contractors may need to purchase their own hair salon insurance, depending on whether the salon they work at affords any protections. Some salons’ policies might offer coverage for contractors, while other salons’ policies might not. Additionally, any salons that do offer coverage might not provide as much protection as stylists would personally like.

An insurance agent who specializes in this type of commercial insurance can help hair stylists who work as independent contractors determine whether they need their own policy. A knowledgeable agent will know how to review a salon’s policy and see whether it affords any protection, and the agent can assist with finding a separate policy if one is needed.

Salon & Barber Insurance Massachusetts

Do Hairstylists Who Work at Home Need a Salon & Barber Policy?

Hair Stylists who work out of their homes still generally run a business, and they usually need a salon & barber policy as a result. Even when working out of a house, hairstylists can still be exposed to property-related and liability-related risks. For example, a customer can still slip and be injured during an appointment or someone could be harmed by a product that’s used in their hair. Homeowners insurance normally doesn’t sufficiently protect against risks like these, but a salon & barber policy often can.

How Can Hairstylists in Massachusetts Get Salon & Barber Insurance?

For help finding salon & barber insurance that meets your needs, contact the independent insurance agents at Garrity Insurance. Our agents are able to help you compare policies from multiple insurance companies in Massachusetts, and they have the expertise needed to help you choose the best option in light of your particular situation.

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