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Machine Shop Insurance Massachusetts


What is Machine Shop Insurance?

Running a machine shop can be a financially and personally rewarding business venture, but the work comes with a fair amount of potential risk. Machine shop insurance helps protect machine shops in Massachusetts from many of the perils that they face.

Machine shop insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s tailored to the needs of machine shops. Most policies are underwritten as package policies, which means they come with multiple coverages and generally offer a robust array of protections.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Machinist Insurance?

The vast majority of machine shops in Massachusetts ought to have machinist insurance, for few of these businesses are completely free from risk and this is usually the most appropriate type of insurance policy for these businesses. Some specific examples of businesses that might need this insurance include:

  • Metal, plastic or composite machine shops
  • Plastic mold injection manufacturers
  • Rubber goods manufacturers
  • Instrument, tool and part manufacturers
  • Cut-off shops and grinding shops
  • Metal heat processors
  • Sheet metal shops

Any businesses that are unsure whether this or another type of commercial insurance is more appropriate for them should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in machinist insurance. A specialized agent will have the expertise necessary to help guide businesses toward the right insurance option based on their unique situation and needs.

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Machine Shop Insurance Massachusetts

Do Machinist Policies Cover Installers?

Contractors who install machined parts normally won’t find all of the coverages they need in a machinist policy. Instead, these businesses typically need a slightly different commercial package policy. Similarly, businesses that make aircraft parts, structural metal supports or finished goods often also need slightly different policies.

What Coverages Does Machinist Insurance Provide?

As mentioned, machinist insurance policies normally offer a variety of protections. Some of these may be standard coverages, while others may be optional protections that businesses can add on. A few of the more commonly selected coverages include:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which normally covers company-owned buildings, equipment and supplies
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which normally covers malfunctions of essential equipment
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which normally covers equipment, supplies and goods while they’re being transported
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which normally covers company-owned vehicles
  • General Liability Coverage, which normally covers certain accidents that cause damage or injury
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which normally provides supplemental liability protection

In addition to these, businesses might also get crime coverage, employment practices liability coverage or other protections.

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Do Machine Shops Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

Most machine shops employ workers, and Massachusetts law usually requires businesses with employees to carry workers compensation coverage. This coverage, which generally protects against workplace injuries, is especially important in settings where employees work with heavy supplies and large equipment. Thus, most machine shops do need workers compensation.

The coverage, however, isn’t always purchased through a machine shop policy. Instead, workers compensation coverage is frequently obtained via a stand-alone policy that offers only this protection. An agent who’s familiar with machine shop policies can probably also assist with getting a workers compensation policy assuming one is indeed required.

Machine Shop Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Shops Get Machine Shop Insurance?

For help insuring a machine shop or similar business, contact the independent insurance agents at Garrity Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents have worked with many shops in the state, and they have the expertise necessary to get you a policy that has the protections your shop needs. Since we’re an independent agency, you can trust our agents to recommend the best available machine shop insurance policies regardless of what insurance companies offer them.

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