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Auto Repair Shop Insurance Massachusetts


What is Auto Repair Shop Insurance?

Running a vehicle repair center can be a profitable endeavor, but this type of business comes with substantial risk. From repair shops to specialty service centers, almost all businesses in this industry can have equipment stolen, repairs go awry, employees get hurt or any number of other incidents happen. Auto repair shop insurance policies help protect Massachusetts repair centers from many of the risks they face.

Auto repair shop insurance policies are a particular type of commercial insurance policy that’s been specifically crafted for businesses that repair vehicles. Because repair centers need protection from many different risks, most of these policies come with a number of coverages that get bundled together into a single, convenient package policy.

Auto Repair  Shop Insurance Massachusetts

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need an Auto Repair Shop Policy?

The vast majority of businesses in Massachusetts that repair vehicles can benefit from an auto repair shop or auto body shop insurance policy. The two policy terms are often used interchangeably, as both repair and body shops are exposed to similar risks and need similar sets of protections. All of these businesses could have their garage damaged, customer’s cars stolen or be sued for a malfunctioning repair

Some specific businesses that might need an auto repair shop or auto body shop insurance policy:

  • Quick oil change service centers
  • Independent mechanics and garages
  • Specialty repair shops (e.g. electrical repair centers)
  • Collision and body repair shops
  • Motorcycle repair shops

Auto dealers who have their own service centers also need many of the coverages that are in auto body shop insurance policies, but dealerships frequently have many additional protection needs as well. An insurance agent who specializes in auto body shop policies and similar insurance products can help dealerships find a policy that more fully meets their needs if one is needed.

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What Coverages Do Auto Repair Shop Policies Provide?

Vehicle repair centers usually are able to adjust the coverages contained within their auto repair policy, so the protections found in one policy may not be the same as those found in another. Nonetheless, there are many coverages that policies frequently offer:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover “slip-and-fall” accidents occurring on a shop’s property
  • Garage Keepers Liability Coverage, which might cover customers’ vehicles during their time at a shop
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which might cover a shop’s building, equipment and tools
  • Crime Coverage, which might cover crimes committed by both employees and burglars
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might cover shop-owned loaner vehicles and tow trucks
  • Business Interruption Coverage, which might cover lost revenue that’s caused by a disaster

In addition to these coverages, most repair centers also need workers compensation coverage since they have employees. This is a vitally important protection that generally protects against workplace illnesses and injuries which employees could sustain. This coverage may be purchased within an auto repair shop policy or apart from the package policy depending on the situation.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Do Auto Repair Shop Policies Cost?

Premiums for auto repair shop policies are based on a lot of different factors, with all of the following possibly influencing what a policy costs (not a comprehensive list):

  • The repair shop’s location
  • The type of work performed
  • The number of vehicles serviced
  • The number of insurance claims recently filed
  • The coverages and limits selected

Shops can get an accurate idea of how much a policy with the coverages they need will cost by talking with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents can request quotes from several insurance companies and show all the available options. This, of course, makes it easy to see both differences in cost and any variations in provided coverages.

How Can Massachusetts Vehicle Repair Centers Get Auto Repair Shop Insurance?

For help insuring a vehicle repair center in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Garrity Insurance. Our agents can help you compare various policy options and select the auto repair shop insurance solution that’s right for your business.

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