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Janitorial Service Insurance Massachusetts


What is Janitorial Services Insurance?

Running a janitorial services company can be a profitable endeavor, but there certain risks inherent in this line of business. From accidents to accusations, janitorial service companies in Massachusetts need to protect themselves from an array of risks that they face. That’s where janitorial services insurance comes in.

Janitorial services insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s crafted to meet the risk mitigation needs of janitorial services companies. Since these companies are exposed to multiple risks, most policies are written as package policies that come with several protections.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Janitor Insurance?

Most businesses that offer commercial and/or industrial cleaning services in Massachusetts ought to have janitor insurance in place. Few (if any) of these businesses are free from risk, and this is generally the most appropriate insurance for these businesses to get.

Moreover, cleaning businesses usually need this insurance regardless of whether they’re a sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation, S corporation, C corporation or other organization. While legal structures provide often provide some protections, they normally aren’t a substitute for having an insurance policy.

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Janitorial Services Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Does Janitor Insurance Offer?

Businesses typically can adjust the precise mixture of coverages in their janitor insurance policy, so the protections in any one policy might vary. There are, however, several protections that are widely available and many businesses include in their policies. Some of the more common coverages include:

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Do Janitorial Service Companies Need Professional Liability Coverage?

Professional liability coverage normally provides protection in the event that a covered business owner or employee makes a mistake in their work. For many businesses, this coverage is specifically designed to protect against mistakes that are made while giving advice.

If a janitorial business only provides basic cleaning services, professional liability coverage might not be needed. Should a business give guidance on when to clean or how to clean, however, professional liability may provide important protection.

Businesses can get guidance regarding their specific coverage selection by talking with an insurance agent who specializes in janitor policies. A specialized agent will be able to help businesses determine whether they need professional liability coverage based on their unique situation. Of course, an agent can assist with selecting other coverages as well.

Do Janitorial Services Companies Need Surety Bonds?

Most janitorial services companies should have a surety bond, for many larger organizations will only hire cleaners who are bonded. Without a surety bond, a business may have a hard time landing major jobs with large organizations.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with janitor policies can likely also assist with selecting a surety bond.

Janitorial Services Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Do Janitorial Services Policies Cost?

Insurance companies consider many different factors when setting rates for janitorial services policies, and premiums for policies can vary as a result. Businesses can find out exactly how much a policy that has the coverages they want will cost by comparing quotes from several insurance companies with an independent agent.

How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Janitorial Services Insurance?

For help finding janitorial insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Garrity Insurance. Our agency has worked with many janitorial services companies in Massachusetts, and we have the expertise necessary to get your business a janitorial services insurance policy that provides the protections it needs.

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