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Pet Boarding Insurance


What Is Pet Boarding Insurance?

Pet boarding businesses are exposed to a variety of property and liability risks. Among other risks, they can have equipment damaged by animals, lose supplies and equipment in a fire, or be held financially liable if something happens to an animal in their care. Pet boarding insurance helps Massachusetts boarding facilities protect themselves against many risks like these.

Pet boarding insurance is a particular type of commercial insurance that’s generally well-suited for dog and other pet boarding facilities. In order to offer protection against multiple risks, most pet boarding policies are package policies that come with several coverages bundled together.

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Dog Boarding Insurance?

Broadly speaking, most Massachusetts businesses that watch client’s pets should consider a dog boarding insurance policy or a dog daycare insurance policy. Even if a business looks after animals other than dogs, most dog boarding insurance policies can be adapted to cover other domestic pets. 

Because this insurance is generally helpful to most businesses that watch clients’ animals, it’s not just dog kennels and overnight boarding facilities that should consider this type of policy. Dog daycares, pet sitters, dog walkers and other animal-related businesses might want the coverages that a policy offers.

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Pet Boarding Insurance Massachusetts

Should Veterinarians and Groomers Have Dog Boarding Insurance?

Veterinarians and groomers are regularly entrusted with clients’ dogs or other animals, and these businesses usually need the protections that a dog boarding insurance policy provides. This policy alone may not be sufficient for veterinarians and groomers, though, because they frequently have other coverage needs as well.

Instead, most veterinarians and groomers are better served by a veterinarian or groomer insurance policy. Such a policy will likely include the protections that a dog boarding policy has along with other protections.

Any veterinarian, groomer or other business that’s unsure of whether a dog boarding, dog daycare insurance or other insurance policy is best for them should speak with an insurance agent who’s familiar with these policies. A specialized agent will know what different policies are available and what features they offer, and the agent can direct pet-related businesses toward the best policy for them.

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What Coverages Do Dog Daycare Insurance Policies Offer?

Pet boarding and dog daycare insurance policies offer multiple coverages, as mentioned. Some of the more common protections that they make available are:

  • Commercial General Liability Coverage, which may provide protection in the event of a common accident or against a defamation claim
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may provide protection if facilities, equipment or supplies are damaged or destroyed in a covered incident
  • Animal Bailee Coverage, which may provide protection if an animal is injured, becomes ill or passes away while in a business’ care
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may provide protection if an employee makes a serious error while working
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which may provide protection in the event of a large claim that exceeds another coverage’s limit
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may provide protection for company-owned vehicles or for accidents caused by employees while they’re working

Pet Boarding Insurance Massachusetts

Do Pet Boarding Policies Come With Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is a common insurance coverage that normally protects against work-related injuries and illnesses. Most businesses that have employees are required to carry the coverage, and it’s especially important to have when employees regularly work with unknown animals. 

Whether a pet boarding policy comes with workers compensation varies from policy to policy, however. While some policies may offer the coverage, others might not. In the event that workers compensation isn’t available through a pet boarding policy, it can easily be purchased as a stand-alone insurance policy. An agent who’s familiar with pet boarding policies can assist with getting workers compensation too.

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How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Pet Boarding Insurance?

For help finding pet boarding insurance or a related insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of Garrity Insurance. Our agents can help you explore policy options from multiple insurance companies in the state, and we have the expertise needed to help you choose the best policy that’s available.

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